Wed. Feb 21st, 2024

About uschinaeif

Prof. ST Hsieh

Director, US-China Energy Industry Forum


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The US-China Energy Industry Forum is a nonprofit, apolitical, nonlobbying organization registered at Washington DC, in 2021. Our mission is focused on promoting US-China Energy Trade based on free market system. The US is the world largest energy producer and a net energy exporter. China is the largest energy user in the world. Traditional fossil energy related products, crude oil, petrochemical products, and LNG contribute significantly bilateral trades. In recent years, US and China engaged in hot competitions for global dominance and bilateral trades have become a political hostage grossly over managed by governments. The consequence is clear, and public pays the price of trade war.

Energy industries in both countries have voiced and supported free trades. Energy security is national security; stable energy supply with affordable price is the cornerstone for sustainable development thus maintain global stability. On the other hand, energy is a global commodity which needs a stable global system for balancing supply and demand. As the world economy needs to recover from the dire impacts of COVID-19 pandemic, US and China must take the leadership.

In the meantime, US and China have jointly announced that they will support combating global climate changes. Specifically, carbon emission management is a global focus, US-China have agreed to technology collaboration. Technology such as CCUS, Hydrogen, new nuclear reactors will need industry participation for demonstration and deployment. Carbon credit trading system should be globalized.

Our Forum will share timely industry data, news, and commentaries at our website We will reach out to energy industries in both nations for ideas developing our Forum and we plan to organize seminars, workshops, and trade missions. We welcome your inputs.

S. T Hsieh, Director