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May 15, 2022

US Mid-term election is less than six months away, but Biden’s party is heading to a crushing defeat as of now. NBC News poll, just 16 percent say the country is headed in the right direction while a whopping 75 percent say we’re on the wrong track! Only 39 percent of U.S. adults and 42 percent of registered voters approve of Biden’s performance almost two years into his presidency.

US voters are concerned with major domestic challenges: economy, inflation, fuel costs, and shortages. Biden’s foreign policy including Ukraine war and Pivot-Asia is not a major issue for the voters. More specifically, not only US is suffering but many other nations are also suffering badly. For example, EU nations are facing a slowdown economy, high energy prices and Ukraine may spill-over threat. COVID-19 pandemic is by no means over, and it is still ravaging the global supply chains.

Ukraine war is major geopolitics shake up; it will re-draw the global energy market landscape. Before the war end, global energy market will not settle down and energy prices will be volatile. Pivot-Asia is aimed at challenging China: if US and China cannot re-establish a stable trade relation, global economy will always be insecure.

If President Biden leads his party to end the Ukraine war and focus on US-China trade, it may not be too late for a mid-term victory. But time is very short, 177 days to go and counting.

NBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Democrats Are in Some Serious Trouble’ for Midterms

Caroline Downey

Sun, May 15, 2022, 9:45 AM

In a segment of NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, host Chuck Todd warned of a disaster looming for Democrats in the 2022 midterm elections. His comments came in light of a new poll from the network indicating that three-quarters of Americans believe the country is headed down the wrong path.

“Voters views about the economy begin to harden in an election year around May. If that theory holds, Democrats are in some serious trouble right now because in our new NBC News poll, just 16 percent say the country is headed in the right direction while a whopping 75 percent say we’re on the wrong track,” he said. “In fact, that number has been 70 plus for the last seven months, which in the past has signaled big losses for the governing party.”

President Biden’s approval rating continues to sink amid ongoing inflation and supply-chain crises, a baby-formula shortage, conflict in Ukraine, still frequent migrant surges across the southern border, and other major problems. Only 39 percent of U.S. adults and 42 percent of registered voters approve of Biden’s performance almost two years into his presidency, according to the NBC News survey. Disapproval with Biden’s job conduct is 56 percent among adults and 54 percent among registered voters.

“President Biden’s numbers have hit a new low. Only 39 percent approve of his job performance against 56 percent who disapprove. In fact, the president has become as unpopular as Donald Trump in this poll,” Todd added.

The poll indicated that abortion is becoming a more relevant issue for Americans following the leak of a draft Supreme Court opinion earlier this month that would overturn the landmark 1973 ruling, Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion on a national level. However, the draft opinion does not appear to substantially alter the negative midterm outlook for Democrats, with inflation and the economy weighing most heavily on voters’ minds, according to the poll. This finding could alleviate GOP leadership fears that a Roe reversal could undercut some of the party’s projected midterm gains, so far projected to be significant.

In the last four monthly Gallup polls asking Americans, “What do you think is the most important problem facing the country today?”, abortion did not even register at 1 percent, superseded by concerns about inflation (17 percent), the economy in general (11 percent), and fuel/oil prices (4 percent), as our Jim Geraghty noted.

Donna Brazile says ‘Democrats got to stop sleeping at the wheel’ to win 2022 midterms

Katie Balevic Sun, May 15, 2022, 1:11 PM

  • Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazile said the Democrats need to “stop sleeping at the wheel” ahead of the midterms.
  • “Democrats got to go back and create communities,” said Brazile, who twice served as DNC chair.
  • Polls suggest broad approval for the Democratic Party and President Joe Biden has faltered.

The former chair of the Democratic National Convention issued an impassioned plea to her party ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

“Democrats got to stop sleeping at the wheel, OK? I’m serious. Stop sleeping at the wheel, stop waiting for the last six weeks of the election,” Donna Brazile said Sunday on ABC News’ “This Week”.

Her advice comes as polls continue to show faltering support for Democrats and President Joe Biden.

“Democrats got to go back and create communities and remind people what the Democratic Party is doing to help them. Help them at the gas station. Help them in the grocery store. Help them where it matters in their wallets, in their homes,” Brazile said on Sunday.

She added: “But if Democrats are not able to do that, and they continue to sleep at the wheel and just rely on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, forget it.”

Strategists have been calling for Democrats, who currently hold a wafer-thin majority in the House and Senate, to focus on the country’s ongoing economic recovery. Instead, there are concerns that the January 6 investigation has overshadowed economic gains.

Brazile emphasized that if Democrats “don’t put up a fight,” they will face a Republican majority in November.

Biden job approval hits another low in new survey

Brad Dress

Sun, May 15, 2022, 12:28 PM

A new NBC News poll shows President Biden’s job approval rating has dipped to another low, with just 39 percent of Americans approving of the job he’s doing and 56 percent disapproving.

Americans are dinging the president on inflation, the economy and border security, as they have been for much of his presidency. Only 37 percent of Americans view Biden in a positive light, according to the poll, which shows his favorability rating hovers around the same percentage currently as former President Trump’s.

Biden appears to have lost ground once again after making some gains. Earlier this month, 42 percent of Americans approved of Biden’s job in a Washington Post-ABC News poll, which was up 5 percentage points from a previous poll in February.

In the NBC News poll, 59 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s handling of the coronavirus, where the president has consistently earned the best marks.

But only 33 percent of Americans approve of his handling of the economy, and only 23 percent approve of his handling of inflation and the cost of living, two issues that are likely to be among the most important at the ballot box in November.

Gas prices have surged to record highs this year, topping an average national price of $4.47 per gallon, while prices at grocery stores have also seen steep increases. Last week, reports of a shortage of baby formula triggered another round of anguish among American families.

About 41 percent of Americans say they are “somewhat satisfied” with their current financial situation, according to the poll, with 16 percent saying they are very dissatisfied with their financial situation.

Americans rank cost of living, the economy, voting rights and abortion in that order as the top four issues facing the nation.

The poll was conducted from May 5 to May 7 and then May 9 to May 10 among 1,000 respondents. The margin of error is 3 percentage points.

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