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October 17, 2023

President Biden should be meeting with Israelis right now. We wish him all the best.

He is facing a very challenging and vexing world event. Peace of the world would be almost on the line if the current conflict were not contained. For the time being, we suggest that President Biden and his foreign policy team dedicated their full energy in the next few days working evenly with every stakeholder in the region with the goal of stopping the bloodshed as soon as possible.

It will take time and patience. Band-aid fixes will not work anymore. If Biden comes home without some sustainable peace arrangements, he will have to go back again to deal with a worsen crisis. He will also face constant push backs against his reelection bid at home. He must re-organize his foreign policy team immediately, because they failed to anticipate such a disaster so Biden has to be on the frontline in person. Without any end game to manage two global wars at the same time, someone has to take the responsibility.

On the other hand, if he were successful after this trip, no matter how long he has to stay there, he will earn his badge as a real global leader. He would be successful in his reelection bid and make more positive impacts for the US and the world.

Biden Scraps Plans to Visit Jordan After Summit Canceled

Zaid Sabah and Jennifer Jacobs

Tue, October 17, 2023 at 3:28 PM PDT

(Bloomberg) — President Joe Biden will not visit Jordan after the country canceled plans for a summit with Egyptian and Palestinian leaders, according to a White House official, a blow to diplomatic efforts to contain a war between Israel and Hamas that threatens to engulf the region.

The decision was made after consulting with King Abdullah II of Jordan and in light of the days of mourning that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced following an explosion at a Gaza hospital that killed hundreds, the official said.

Jordan’s Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi announced earlier Tuesday said the proposed summit between Biden, Abdullah II, Abbas and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi was canceled, saying the decision was taken by mutual consent after the reports about the hospital blast.

Biden is currently en route to Israel for a Wednesday meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and had planned to attend the summit in Jordan before returning to the US.

The Gaza Health Ministry said that at least 500 people had died — a toll which would make it the deadliest attack since the Oct. 7 assault by Hamas on Israel. Israel has been bombing Gaza as its forces prepare for a ground invasion to crush Hamas, a group designated as a terrorist organization by both the US and European Union.

Hundreds Dead at Gaza Hospital as Israel, Hamas Trade Blame

Hamas and Israel traded accusations on Tuesday, with Hamas saying the blast was the result of an Israeli airstrike. Israel’s army said the hospital was struck in a failed missile attack by Palestinian militants. Netanyahu said that Israeli planes did not attack the hospital and also blamed Islamic Jihad militants.

The Biden administration will call for an investigation into the explosion, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity.

A Pentagon spokesperson earlier Tuesday said the US does not have “all the facts” about what happened to the Gaza hospital, which is in Hamas-controlled territory.

“I don’t know who was responsible,” Pentagon Deputy Spokeswoman Sabrina Singh told reporters. She said the US expects Israel like other allies to “uphold the law of war.”

Biden’s Israel Trip Faces Setbacks After Deadly Hospital Blast

The explosion, though, threatens to unravel Biden’s efforts to ensure that the Hamas-Israel war does not escalate in the region. Egypt and Turkey were among the countries to condemn the attack and blame Israel for it.

Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority controls the West Bank, declared three days of mourning after the blast and left Amman, according to the official PA news service.

Biden summit with Arab leaders is cancelled after deadly blast at Gaza hospital: Full coverage of Israel-Hamas war

The conflict just completed its 11th day.

Yahoo News Staff

Updated Tue, October 17, 2023 at 4:39 PM PDT·1 min read


Hundreds of people were reportedly killed in a blast at a hospital in Gaza where thousands of Palestinian civilians had been sheltering Tuesday — hours before President Biden was set to visit Israel amid its war with Hamas. The Palestinian Health Ministry, which is run by Hamas, said the hospital was hit in an Israeli airstrike; the Israel Defense Forces said the blast was caused by a rocket that was misfired by a Palestinian armed group.

Biden was due to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in Amman, Jordan, after his visit to Israel, but the blast caused Abbas to pull out of the meeting, which was then cancelled.

Clashes between Israel, Hezbollah spark fears of wider war

CBS News Videos

Tue, October 17, 2023 at 4:49 PM PDT

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Hezbollah said it fired anti-tank missiles into Israel from Lebanon after Israel said it killed four militants trying to plant explosives on a border wall. The clashes in the north are sparking fears that fighting could spread as the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues. Roxana Saberi reports.

Clashes erupt along border between Israel, Lebanon

Nick Robertson

Tue, October 17, 2023 at 5:58 AM PDT

Fighting broke out along the Israel-Lebanon border early Tuesday as skirmishes continued between the Israeli military and Hezbollah militants.

An anti-tank missile was fired from Lebanon into the Israeli border town of Metula, injuring three people, the Israeli military said. The military then returned fire with tanks, it said.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) also killed four men with explosive vests at the Lebanese border early Tuesday. There was no claim of responsibility for that incident, either.

Hezbollah has fired rockets numerous times at Israel, which has returned fire and struck multiple targets. The U.S. has labeled Hezbollah, like Hamas, a terrorist organization.

The IDF said Sunday that nine rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel, but Israel’s air defense intercepted five of them. The Israeli military also confirmed it would strike the launch site in Lebanon as retaliation.

The assaults from Lebanon have reportedly killed one Israeli soldier and one civilian, and Israel’s strikes on Lebanon have killed three civilians — including Reuters journalist Issam Abdallah — and four Hezbollah militants.

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