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January 8, 2023

McCarthy’s victory was completely based on the support of former President Donald Trump. It is very significant that because recently, Trump has suffered major setbacks in the public by the Democratic controlled congress investigation of 2021 January 6 riots, FBI investigations of his mishandling classified documents, and release of his tax returns, obviously he was down but not out. Further he has already announced his candidacy for US President again in 2024. Now Trump will call many shots on US domestic politics. It is obvious power struggles between and within the two major parties will make US internal governance and foreign policy more and challenging. For example, Republicans in the House will surely launch a series of offensives actions, including at least a “witch-hunt” against President Biden and his family members.

Trump was actively engaged in facilitating McCarthy’s ascendence to the Speakership. For example:

Trump exalts himself over Kevin McCarthy’s elevation to House speaker: ‘I did our Country a big favor!’

“I greatly helped Kevin McCarthy attain the position of Speaker of the House,” he wrote.

Trump posted a video of McCarthy thanking him and responded with, “Thank you Kevin. It was my great honor!”

McCarthy had originally posted a tribute to the former President for his help in getting him elected. “He was with me from the beginning – somebody wrote the doubt of whether he was there – and he was all in. He would call me and he would call others. And he really was – I was just talking to him tonight – helping get those final votes.”

So as of now, no one in the Republican party will be able to challenge Trump.

According to media reports, including the Washington Post and The Hill on Saturday, Biden’s reelection campaign is preparing to launch. After months of “will he or won’t he,” Biden and his senior aides are readying the details around his 2024 campaign.  If Biden announces his plan to run, he will get the Democratic nomination, but considering his age and poor performance, it would be a fascinating experience to a re-match of Biden and Trump, two senior citizens, in 2024. God Bless America!

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