Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Room: 151 Tulane Law School

Friday Oct. 28:

8:30: Registration and check-in

9:15: Welcome and opening remarks


David D. Meyer

Kim P. Talus

9:30: Session 1: US-China’s Conflicted Technology Relationship

Moderator: Kim P. Talus (Director, Tulane Center for Energy Law)

Speaker: Josh Seidel (Sr. Specialist Solutions Architect for Financial Services, Databricks)

Speaker: Jacob R. Adams (Litigator and Associate Professor, University of Stavanger)

Speaker: Armistead Sapp (Partner at Sapp Brothers, LLC, and former CTO of SAS Institute)

11:00: Break

11:05: Session 2: US-China Investment Trends; a Two-Way Street

Moderator: Knud Berthelsen (Adjunct Lecturer, Freeman School of Business, Tulane)

Speaker: Nargiza Salidjanova (Director, China, Rhodium Group)

Speaker: Dan Eberhart (CEO of Canary, LLC)

Speaker: Drew Combs (Director of North Dakota Trade Office)

Presentation title: “North Dakota’s China Dilemma”

12:35: LUNCH

1:30: Session 3: US-China Energy Investment and Trade Relations

Moderator: Pierre Conner (Executive Director, Tulane Energy Institute)

Speaker: Stefano Russo (Managing Director Global Finance and M&A, Canadian Solar)

Speaker: Urosh Tomovich (Principal, UTE Consulting)

Speaker: Eric Smith (Professor of Practice, Freeman School of Business, Tulane)

Speaker: Eric Butter (External Partner, FLOW Partners LLC)

3:00: Coffee break

3:15: Session 4: The US-China relationship in light of the Russian-Ukrainian War

Moderator: Kristoffer Svendsen (Senior Research Fellow, Tulane Center for Energy Law, Tulane Law School)

Speaker: Zongyuan Zoe Liu (Fellow for International Political Economy, Council on Foreign Relations)

Speaker: Samuel​ Bresnick (Assistant Editor & Senior Research Analyst, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

Presentation title: How US-China tensions over Taiwan have evolved in the months following Russia’s invasion

Speaker: Yun Sun (Senior Fellow and Co-Director of the East Asia Program and Director of the China Program at the Stimson Center) (confirmed)

Presentation title: The outlook of Sino-Russia relations in the context of the strategic competition between US and China

Speaker: S T Hsieh (Research Professor and Director of the US-China Energy and Environmental Technology Center, Tulane University)

5:00: Closing remarks: Kristoffer Svendsen

5:00-6:00: Reception

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