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January 18, 2024

It is about time that some young democrats are openly and actively challenging President Biden’s reelection bid. Decision time is short, we hope the US public get the message that there are other democrats who have a real chance of defeating Trump in November.

Biden should take these challenges seriously rather than personally. They have exactly the same idea as Biden’s “defending US Democracy” by denying a Trump II in 2025. But they also have a better winning strategy than Biden’s negative campaign tactics of only attacking Trump without a clear policy for moving forward.

After all, three years of Biden have not convinced the US public that he has done a great job, so he deserves another four years. Worse, Biden is even trailing Trump in most of the public opinion polls, thud Trump calls Biden “a threat to US Democracy.”

So, Biden has two choices of moving forward:

  1. Join an open Democratic primary, debate with his inter party candidates, travel around the nation, and earn the votes for his reelection bid.
  2. Drop out of the reelection bid now and support any young democrat candidate who should have an easy time defeating Trump and save the US democracy.

Andrew Yang: Biden going to deliver us ‘Trump the sequel’

The Hill: Lauren Irwin

Thu, January 18, 2024 at 11:37 AM PST

At a New Hampshire campaign event for Democratic presidential candidate Rep. Dean Phillips (Minn.) on Thursday, former presidential candidate Andrew Yang claimed that if President Biden becomes the party’s nominee, he will “deliver to us Trump the sequel.”

Yang complimented Phillips’s efforts to find a younger, new candidate to represent the Democratic Party in 2024, and said Phillips went to California Gov. Gavin Newsom and Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and urged them to run against Biden but his efforts were unsuccessful.

He criticized Democratic leaders who did not step forward and run “despite the fact that Joe is down by 8 points in Georgia, down by 8 points in Michigan — states he won — down by 9 points in North Carolina, which is like a swing state. Like, Joe Biden, who I supported last time, in my view, is going to deliver us to Trump the sequel.”

Yang continued, “Dean Phillips saw this and said, ‘You know what? I am going to do something about it.’ And Dean Phillips is the only one with the courage, the character and conviction to go against the grain, to go against the legion of followers in Washington, D.C., who would put their careers above their country and said, ‘You know what? American deserves a choice. America deserves a choice in its leaders.’”

The Minnesota Democrat has repeatedly stated that the 2024 election is about the future, and the country deserves better than a 2020 rematch between Biden and former President Trump, the likely Republican nominee.

In a recent interview, Phillips said there is not “one shred of evidence” that Biden can overtake Trump in the upcoming election.

At Thursday’s Manchester, N.H., campaign event, Yang highlighted the 54-year-old three-term lawmaker, and said having someone younger in office address challenges such as artificial intelligence would “help me sleep more soundly at night.” He continued, suggesting the Biden administration may be complacent in solving the country’s problems because they “think they’re going to be” in office either way.

Andrew Yang stumping for Dean Phillips in NH says Biden not right for 2024 as he was in 2020: “The Patriots were 12-4…”

The Recount

Thu, January 18, 2024 at 8:13 AM PST

While stumping for Rep. Dean Phillips’ (D-MN) presidential campaign and long-shot bid for the 2024 Democratic nomination in Manchester, Andrew Yang said Joe Biden is not the “right fit” for 2024 as he was in 2020, and compared the president to the decline in the New England Patriots.

“So, Dean Phillips, he raised his hand a number of months ago and said: Hey, guys, I’m not sure Joe Biden should run for reelection. Like, I think that, you know, it might be time for the next generation,” the former 2020 Democratic candidate said.

“A lot of people share the same opinion. Some people who supported Joe Biden, like me — I was a campaign surrogate for Joe. Joe is a good, decent man, a true public servant, has gotten a lot of things done, but I don’t think he is the right fit for 2024, as opposed to 2020,” Yang continued.

“Joe Biden — who I supported last time — in my view, is going to deliver us to Trump the sequel. Dean Phillips saw this and said, you know what? I am going to do something about it.

Biden the ‘anti-Trump’ – winning strategy or no strategy at all?

Danny KEMP

Thu, January 18, 2024 at 6:20 PM PST

US President Joe Biden’s agenda for a second term has so far hinged on the fact that he isn’t Donald Trump — but will it be enough to keep him in the White House?

Trump’s landslide victory in the Republican Iowa caucuses has set the stage for a bitter rematch with Biden that the 81-year-old Democrat seems to relish.

Despite low approval ratings and polls showing him even with or trailing Trump, Biden is treating his twice-impeached, criminally indicted predecessor as his preferred opponent.

And while some Democrats voice concerns that Biden’s campaign has no strong message about what he’d do with four more years, the president often seems content with telling voters what he is not.

In speech after speech he’s painted a dark picture of dictator-like, retribution-obsessed Trump — and himself as the only man who can beat him and save America’s institutions.

– ‘Terrified’ –

Biden’s allies are also using the fear factor of a Trump comeback to rally voters. Vice President Kamala Harris said she’s “scared as heck” while former first lady Michelle Obama admitted to being “terrified.”

Trump, who has falsely claimed that Biden’s 2020 election win was “stolen”, has hit back by saying it is Biden who is the threat to democracy.

Critics, especially among younger and more progressive Democrats, say Biden hasn’t given voters a compelling narrative about how he’d improve their lives in a second term.

The campaign has largely dropped mentions of his much-trumpeted “Bidenomics” policy while many voters are still struggling to make ends meet because of high prices caused by inflation.

More importantly the poll showed voters thought “preserving democracy” was the most important issue facing the nation, on 24 percent — ahead of border security on 23 percent and the economy on 15 percent.

After Iowa, Biden pounced on Trump’s steamroller victory over rivals Ron DeSantis and Nikki Haley to sell himself as “still the only person to ever beat Donald Trump.”

– ‘Negative talk’ –

There are warnings, though, that the laser-focus on Trump and the branding by Democrats of his supporters as “MAGA extremists”  — a reference to Trump’s Make America Great Again slogan — could backfire.

“I think this negative talk about MAGA is going to hurt Biden’s election campaign,” Jamie Dimon, chief executive of US bank JPMorgan Chase, told the MSNBC network, adding that many Trump voters had legitimate concerns about issues including immigration.

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