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November 24, 2023

The proxy war in Ukraine was started without any Chinese input, further China has been warned by the US and allies that do not get involved from day one. Now France is asking China’s “cooperation” for ending the proxy war. How to end the proxy war that has “divided” Europe?

The war was initiated by the US-European alliance to “finish” Putin’s regime. It is really Biden administration’s call rather than European’s call for war. Unfortunately, the second winter of the war is here, and Europeans have to deal with energy shortages again. But no end is near!

Biden administration is the only one who can “end” Russia-Ukraine war, it does NOT matter whether China is in cooperation with France or anyone else. So, France should get the “permission” from Biden first to ask China for cooperations.

France and China are truly “big powers,” but the US is the largest economy and strongest nation in the world today. France and Europeans have to get the “permission” from the US to make any major global initiative.

In reference to the recent Israel-Hamas conflict, whether war or peace, France’s role is rather limited. So does China, it is really a US problem.

French foreign minister says China’s cooperation is vital in ending Russia-Ukraine war


 Fri, November 24, 2023 at 5:32 AM PST·

BEIJING (AP) — French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonna said Friday that China’s cooperation is vital on an issue that has divided it and much of Europe: ending the war in Ukraine.

She encouraged China to continue working on its Ukrainian peace proposal while also ensuring that Chinese entities do not aid Russia in what she called “the ongoing war of aggression in Ukraine” — phrasing the Chinese side would disagree with.

“France underlines once again how its cooperation with China is essential to promote a just and lasting peace,” she said after talks with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. “We are counting on the vigilance of the Chinese authorities so that no structure in China, particularly private, contributes directly or indirectly to Russia’s illegal war effort in Ukraine.”

Her meetings in Beijing underscored an effort by both sides to continue a dialogue despite their growing differences, whether on the Ukraine war, the Israel-Hamas war or Europe’s huge trade deficit with China. The talks in some ways foreshadowed an EU-China leaders meeting next month.

In a meeting with Chinese Premier Li Qiang earlier in the day, Colonna said their countries should work together to address issues such as climate change and biodiversity.

As big powers, we both share the responsibility to tackle global challenges … and we can make concerted efforts in alleviating tensions around the world,” she said.

China has been critical of U.S. efforts to seek the help of its allies, including in Europe, in its competition with China over trade, technology and security. It has accused the U.S. of building groupings to contain China’s development and rise.

Wang warned against the politicizing of issues and protectionism. The European Union has been taking a tougher line on China, launching a trade investigation into subsidies given to Chinese electric vehicle makers.

“We believe that as long as China and Europe work together, there will be no confrontation between camps, no division of the world, and no new Cold War,” Wang said.

Colonna said that dialogue with China on the Gaza situation, and even cooperation, would be useful. She called for the release of all the hostages, including eight French-Israeli citizens, three of whom are children.

“Every state has the right to defend itself, but we must cooperate so that terrorism is contained and so that what happened cannot happen again,” she said.

Despite their differences, China has been trying to repair its relations with major trading partners including Europe, the U.S. and Australia. The lifting of China’s pandemic restrictions last December has helped, making it much easier to hold in-person meetings.

“Relations between China and France are getting better and better in all aspects,” Premier Li, the country’s No. 2 leader, said. “In particular, our exchanges at all levels are now becoming more frequent because many of the mechanisms have been restored.”

Wang tried to reassure European companies that China remains a good and safe place to do business. New regulations have added uncertainty to the business environment and made foreign investors wary at a time when China is seeking investment to help revive a sluggish economy.

“We will listen to the voices of the European business community, earnestly solving the problems of investors in China,” he said.

France counting on ‘joint efforts’ with China to resolve Gaza, Ukraine conflicts

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