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November 25, 2023

Biden’s record is not the issue, Biden’s age is not the issue, but the future of the Republic is hanging on the balance! By most of the public opinion polls, Joe is behind Donald for the rematch in 2024. Both Joe and Donald have been the President of the US once. The record is clear Joe is a much better President than Donald. Joe has served the nation well and it is time for a young Democratic to take on Donald in 2024. Because almost anyone other than Joe could beat Donald. Yet time is of essence, Joe has to step aside right now.

2024 primary is only about two-month away, Joe also needs to name a new candidate for the Democratic party. If Joe just steps aside, without naming a candidate, there is just not enough time for the Democratic party to go thru a divisive inter-party contest. In fact, it is critical for Joe to name a candidate who will carry his torch and defeat Donald. Joe Biden then will be remembered as a great US leader only next to George Washington, who declined to the King of the new born nation.

On the other hand, if Joe stays on and most likely would be defeated by Donald in 2024, Joe would be “evicted” out of the White House by Donald. There would be no bound how Donald will humiliate Joe during the transition. It is not only a personal humiliation to Joe, he would also be responsible for whatever the damages of Trump II.

Letters to the Editor: Biden is a great president. He should serve the country by stepping aside

Los Angeles Times Opinion

Fri, November 24, 2023 at 3:00 AM PST

To the editor: President Biden’s winning strategy would be for him to step aside and allow others to take over the Democratic mantle. (“Biden says he’s an optimist. But his dire warnings about Trump are central to his campaign,” Nov. 19)

He has achieved a lot for the American people during the last three years as president, and he should be justifiably proud of his record. For him to give up the wish voluntarily for a second term would not be a blemish on his outstanding career and service to the country.

Americans love their leaders to exude confidence and vigor. Biden does not fit that mold.

He claims he wants to finish the job with a second term. He can rest assured that any of the younger Democrats waiting in the wings will do that for him against the onslaught by the reactionary Republicans who have given up any pretense to being a party of law and order.

Biden should do the country a huge favor by giving up on his personal ambition to serve two terms as president.

Charles Blankson, Menifee


To the editor: The upcoming presidential election is about much more than just Biden vs. former President Trump. It’s about the people they surround themselves with.

As he has demonstrated, Trump will lean on friends, family and business associates whose main interests are themselves and Trump, not what’s best for the country. Not only is Trump unfit for office, but the people he hires are unfit as well.

On the other hand, Biden has and will continue to appoint competent people who believe in taking action to improve the country. You can quibble about Biden’s age if you like, but he has good people around him who live in reality, believe in science and respect the laws of the country.

In short, Biden wants to strengthen democracy, not undermine it.

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